Extra curricular

Learn all about the extra curricular activities available here at BHS!


Football training takes place after school on Tuesday or during Thursday lunchtimes for the Year 8 team.

Lego League

The First Lego League competition is organised by Mrs Graham in the technology room and you work in groups to build things for the challenges.


Hockey practice is after school on Wednesday at the Quay Road. In Year 8 the boys and girls play together as a team but there are separate teams from Year 9 onwards.


Science Club (LabRatz), is on the first Monday of every month. Build your own rocket or make some slime!

Coding Club

Coding Club is on Wednesday lunchtimes with Mr Gabe. This year's project is this very website you are looking at right now!

Cooking Club

Cooking Club is organised by Mrs Knox. We have lots of fun cooking and anybody can join in!

Cyber Contests

We enter teams into the Cyber Centurion, Cyber Discovery and CyberFirst Girls competitions. Whatever your age, there's a competition for you!


Netball takes place on Monday lunchtimes in the McMaster Hall.


Gymnastics Club takes place on Tuesday lunchtimes with Mr Kearney.

Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing takes place on Thursday lunchtimes in the McMaster Hall. It is organised by Ms Harpur.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a new club that takes place on Tuesday lunchtimes with Mr McMaster.

Mini Hockey

Mini Hockey is another new club that takes place on Thursday lunchtimes.


The school choir is organised by Mrs Elliott and sings at events throughout the year.