A day in the life

Find out what a typical day looks like for a Year 8 pupil. There are lots of differences between P7 and Year 8!

First thing

When I get off the bus I go to the canteen and pre-order my lunch. I'll then drop off my bag in the cloakroom and go outside for some free time. At 8:40am, I sign up for the computer room and then use the computers until the bell rings for registration. On a Monday and Tuesday I have assembly but on the other days I go straight to my form class for registration. Registration lasts until 9:10am, which is when I go to my first lesson of the day.

Ordering lunch


Today, my first lesson was Technology with Mrs Graham. We were working in the workshop, so I tied my hair into a bun, got an apron and a pair of goggles and then went to my table, ready to start. Once everyone was prepared, Mrs Graham demonstrated what to do first. She demonstrated how to use the hand drill and the pillar drill to make the holes for our keyfobs. By the time I had finished using the pillar drill it was breaktime.

Technology workshop

Before lunch

After break, I had an English lesson with Mrs Delaney. We were working on "Our Families" and I had to write a paragraph about one of my family members. I chose my aunt as my family member and wrote a detailed paragraph on her. I managed to finish my work just before the end of class. After English was Music with Mrs Elliott, where we were able to use the keyboards. When Music was over, it was time for lunch.

English Drama class


My first lesson after lunch was Maths with Miss Thompson and today we had to do a test about Rounding and BODMAS. I had revised before the test which helped me a lot and I think I got a good mark. After Maths was Science with Miss McBride, where we are learning all about forces. We did a practical experiment where we measured different forces using newtonmeters. At the end of Science it was the end of the day and I walked outside to wait for my bus.

After lunch